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5 acre rock
Unusual granite rock formation
Charlotte enjoying the snow

5 Acre rock

5 Acre Rock, situated near Stanthorpe in southern Queensland, is named after the large granite rock within the 150 acre property. We bought the property from Queensland Trust for Nature in 2013, and live here with a collection of animals including miniature horses, chickens, goats, and domestic pets. A small section of the property is used to grow gardens and farm crops, and the remaining 120 acres is an untouched Nature Refuge that borders Girraween National Park. It is filled with dramatic granite outcrops, as well as rare flora and fauna, including wombats and lyre birds.

As part of the Granite Belt, this region has a high elevation and often experiences the coldest minimum temperatures in Queensland. It is the only place in Queensland it snows, with 10cm falling on 5 Acre Rock in the winter of 2015. This frosty climate makes the area a haven for those seeking to produce grapes, stone fruit, and apples. The naturally acidic decomposed-granite soil is perfect for rhododendrons, azaleas, and bulbs, as well as a variety of native plants.



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